What Is True Hyperconvergence?

What Is True Hyperconvergence?

True Hyperconvergence

Infrastructure convergence has been evolving over the last few years. We’ve seen several waves of solutions up until now. Converged infrastructure only attempts to address the acquisition and delivery issues brought on by virtualization and cloud adoption. Converged infrastructure doesn’t focus on the problems that customers are trying to solve, such as the data efficiency, data protection, performance, and global management issues for workloads running in the post-virtualization data center.True-Hyperconvergence-Checklist

SimpliVity delivers a hyperconverged infrastructure solution. We believe that our solution stands apart from others in the market, which is why we distinguished our offering with the “hyper” prefix, meaning “over, above, in excess.” Simply converging server compute, storage, and storage networking is not over and above. Over and above would be to also collapse deduplication, WAN optimization, and data protection into the solution—to converge more components of the IT stack into a single scalable system from a single vendor. Over and above would also take customer pain points into consideration, and also address the ability to manage aggregated resources across nodes as a single federated system from a single interface.
When it comes to your IT infrastructure, there’s no such thing as just “good enough.” At SimpliVity, we’re defying the conventional by assimilating all infrastructure and data services “below the hypervisor.” We deliver a data center building block based on a data architecture that addresses the performance, capacity, mobility, management, data protection and efficiency required in today’s modern data center. With all of these enterprise functionalities designed into the product from the ground up, we can eliminate islands of data storage and management and deliver these services like no one else.

True Hyperconvergence is:

  1. IT Infrastructure designed

  2. Delivered

  3. Supported by a single vendor that can address all data center workloads.


It has a software-centric design and provides a single pool of shared x86 resources that scales by adding additional building block units. Through a single management interface, you can easily manage aggregate resources and virtual machines within and across data centers.

You can also provide protection to valuable company data within a single node, across nodes within a data center, and globally, all without leaving the single management interface. Hyper-efficiency characterizes true hyperconvergence: resources are used without waste and without introducing contention. That means that data management tasks are not duplicated and heavy processing is offloaded from x86 processors so that your applications aren’t starved for resources.

Efficiency extends to the data, with all data being deduplicated, compressed and optimized once—before it’s written to disk—and remaining in that state throughout its lifecycle. True hyperconvergence simplifies deployment of infrastructure and virtual workloads, and simplifies management when compared with legacy IT stacks.

To learn more about True Hyperconvergence, consult this checklist.