Being Data Aware…

Being Data Aware…

Data Aware


An interesting stat in a recent Wired Magazine article jumped off the screen: The nationwide average salary of a data scientist ($116,000+) is nearly twice that of a skilled programmer ($64,000+). Not only are the average salaries of both professionals far apart, but the perception that only a data scientist can harness data is also far from reality.


I don’t claim this is so because I work for DataGravity – the company that actually created data-aware storage – but because many business leaders are coming to the realization that the grass may not always be greener with a data scientist on the team. In fact, that same Wired article states “brands seem to be struggling to realize the promise of big data” and posits that business leaders may be expecting too much from Data Scientists.

When visiting customers and prospective customers in my day-to-day work as a Solutions Architect here at DataGravity, I’ve noticed small IT departments are constantly being asked by their superiors to wear many hats. Not only do they maintain the organization’s onsite storage, but they also manage data recovery and backup, deal with the complexity of data security and also act as data-scientists “light” in their own right, helping constituents within the organization with search and discovery. These organizations couldn’t afford a data scientist: the role would be too specialized and most likely underutilized.

Much like a data scientist, another underutilized asset for many organizations may even be storage itself. Think about it: most companies view storage as a repository or self-storage unit that acts as a locker for files and other data and not much else. This is a very limited view – companies should expect more from their storage.

If the insights you’re looking for live within the analysis of your data, it may be best to actually look at it where the data resides: within your primary storage. It is the single point where data is ingested, stored and searched. That’s where DataGravity can help you utilize your storage to it’s fullest potential and help empower your IT pro or storage admin do more than simply hold onto the data you want to save. Now, these elemental forces in your organization can help provide insights that normally could only be gleaned by data experts.

DataGravity has made it possible for any company to find any file as quickly as they can do a Google search. Our re-imagined storage architecture supports IT pros and storage admins by helping them quickly and easily identify which employees are consuming the most storage space, which end-users are most active or where there may be opportunities within the organization for collaboration based on who authored documents or who has expertise in content areas. We’re excited to provide IT departments with the tools they need to analyze their information, along with the capability to protect their organizations while providing unheard of visibility into storage so you can discover insights that may actually help keep your business competitive

So instead of bringing in a data expert, perhaps your best bet for helping utilize your stored data more effectively is already in-house. Investing in better storage can empower your IT pros or storage admins with the tools they need to not only store data, but also better utilize and manage it.

With data-aware storage from DataGravity, your people will be able to search and discover the most meaningful data and files that you possess, at a price you can afford, without spending more than you should on something that may be underutilized or non-productive.